Dear Family of our beloved Brother Suey Liu,

Our desire is to convey to you all our sincere condolences at this time after the departure of our dear Brother Suey Liu, your beloved father and grandfather, to be with the Lord whom he loves.

The elders of the church in Anaheim have considered carefully many of the aspects of dear Brother Liu’s service to the Lord and to His recovery in Taiwan, including his care for the Taiwan Gospel Bookroom and for the churches in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines, and in the United States. We praise the Lord for such a consecrated servant of our Lord, of whom you are all descendants. May the Lord bless you all from generation to generation!

We are most thankful to the Lord for the privilege of having Wesley, a dear member of your family, living and meeting here in Anaheim with us. We have truly been blessed by his spirit and his service among the younger saints. We are assured that his excellence, as manifested in his participation in the Full-Time Training in Anaheim as well as in his coordination with us in his service in the church, is the result of the rich spiritual heritage he received from Brother Liu and other family members.

In regard to Brother Liu’s service in the Philippines, he resided there in 1978 and 1979 to conduct a one-year training.

Brother Liu Suey came to serve in Manila in 1977, and over the next year he conducted a one-year full-time training, in which he perfected over twenty young people who became useful serving ones in the churches both in the Philippines and abroad. This training was so effective that it prepared most of the brothers who today are serving the many churches in that country, as well as numerous coworkers who are serving in the work. These brothers attribute their perfecting to Brother Liu’s willingness to remain with them for the sake of their training for such an extended period of time. His fragrant service in the Philippines is precious and unforgettable to the saints there and to us.

After leaving the Philippines in 1979, he occasionally visited to shepherd the churches there. He told us that as long as the Lord allowed him to travel, he would continue to visit the Philippines. In 2006 he came to lead the churches in Metro Manila related to their year-end conference. When he returned permanently to Taiwan from the United States, he visited every year, especially to lead the annual Metro Manila Year-end Conference, until the pandemic intervened. He was truly burdened for the work of the Lord in the Philippines. In his last visit he asked the brothers to convene a meeting for the responsible ones after the general conference, during which time he continued to shepherd and provide guidance for the work needed as a follow-through to the gains in the conference. Earlier, Brother Witness Lee had charged him to shepherd the elders of the church in Manila. Through the years our brother labored patiently to perfect the elders in Manila personally and as a group. We witnessed how our brother was Jesusly human, and we are deeply indebted to our brother for his pattern, faithfulness, care, and perfecting.

As an expansion of his work in training the saints, in 2000/2001 Brother Liu taught remotely in the Full-time Middle-age Training in Anaheim, training the saints through the books of Song of Songs and Philippians to enter into the intrinsic experience of Christ so that the capacity of their spiritual life may be enlarged.

Brother Liu was very burdened that we would be clear in an intrinsic way as to what the Lord’s recovery is. He desired that we would all live a life according to the consummate revelation entrusted to the recovery through the ministry of this age. He wanted to ensure that we would not possess the precious things of the Lord’s recovery in name only, and he frequently rendered helpful fellowship to strengthen our realization. He truly desired that we would live in the intrinsic reality of the recovery and be prepared as overcomers to bring the Lord back.

He was skilled in applying the scriptural truths ministered to us in the recovery to our daily living. He likened the objective truths to our taking a hike and carrying food in a bag. As we proceed on “the hike” of our daily life, we can either leave the food in the bag, in which case it may become a heavy burden to us, or we can eat the food, allowing it to become the energy we need to “hike up the hill.” This is an example of how he helped the brothers and sisters realize how important it is in our daily life to eat and drink the Lord.

Brother Liu was also burdened for the practical aspects of the church life and the family life. To discharge his burden, for a number of years he carried out a weekly perfecting training in the church in Fremont, California. This training benefited not only the saints in the church locally but also those in the area churches, who in some cases drove long distances to participate in his training. Through this training the participating saints were perfected to be channels of blessing to others, the saints’ families were blessed, and the testimony of the church was strengthened.

Our brother truly was the Lord’s faithful and prudent slave who gave food to the saints at the proper time. We believe that because of his victorious finishing of his course, a crown of righteousness awaits him.

There are many other matters in which we could testify of the valuable and priceless service of our dear brother to the Lord and to all of us over many decades. In this letter we have selected just a few examples that we hope will be of particular encouragement to you.

May our dear Lord guide and grace us all, together with you, to follow in his footsteps.

Our love in Christ Jesus be with you all,

The brothers in the church in Anaheim

Church in Anaheim

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