July 30, 2023

To the churches in the Lord’s recovery and the saints in Christ:

Our most respected brother Liu Suey went to be with the Lord peacefully early this


Despite a gradual decline in his physical strength since the beginning of this year, our

dear brother has been faithfully attending meetings of the church in Hualien to

shepherd the saints and warmly receiving visitors from various places, both near and

far, in loving concern for the Lord’s testimony worldwide. Being undeterred in his

life-long devotion to the publication service of Taiwan Gospel Book Room, he has

remained steadfastly in his diligent fellowship with the Book Room serving ones for

their ongoing.

In June, as his health continued to decline, his doctors advised him to discontinue his

various activities. On July 22, he was admitted to the hospital as he showed critical

signs of deterioration. Under hospice care in the accompaniment of his children, he

departed peacefully to be with the Lord at the age of 98 at 3:10 am this morning (July

30), having faithfully run the heavenly race set before him on earth and now awaiting

the appearing of his Rewarder in the hope of resurrection.

Details regarding the memorial meeting will be shared once arrangements have been

made by the brothers and Brother Liu’s family. Your prayers for the Lord’s interests

will be much counted on.

In Christ,

Responsible brothers of the church in Taipei and Taiwan Gospel Book Room

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