Picture: With Brother Liu Suey during the December 2015 year-end conference in Tagaytay, Philippines.

Testimony: As one of the 20 brothers and sisters in the one-year training in Manila in 1978-79 carried out by Brother Liu Suey with Brother Huang and Sister Huang, followed by a two-months training in Quezon City during which time my wife and I also joined together, we are among those who were and still are benefited by our brother’s rich ministry of the word, personal shepherding, and practical training – from having intimate fellowship with the Lord, getting into the word verse by verse, prayer,  sharing the gospel, shepherding others, functioning in the meetings, serving in different services of the church, even how to sing hymns and how to praise the Lord and worship the Father in the Lord’s table meeting.  His perfecting is indeed all-around and comprehensive yet full of life, and truth, and Spirit. We will surely miss our brother and his portion in the Body, but we thank and worship our Lord for giving us such a pattern, a gift and a channel of supply for His Body. Amen. (Samuel and Ofelia Lee, Anaheim, CA)

Samuel and Ofelia Lee

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