August 7, 2023

To the family members of Brother Liu Suey:

On behalf of the churches throughout Canada, I would like to express our condolences to the family of Brother Liu Suey, a faithful servant of God – one who had no opinion, no ambition, no pride – a true pattern to all of us who remain until the Lord’s appearing.  Indeed his was a life of “living and working out the New Jerusalem” – a life of no regrets.  

Brother Liu Suey visited the greater Vancouver area churches many times, the last of which was on February 21, 2012. He also visited Eastern Canada in the 1970’s and 80’s. He rendered much help to the churches by conducting conferences,  perfecting trainings, and small group fellowships with the leading brothers. In particular, he was instrumental in the following areas:

Strengthening the churches during the turmoil years of 1992 to 1993 by bringing the leading brothers and the churches into the up-to-date speaking of the ministry of the age.

The pursuit of the Holy Word for Morning Revival – he encouraged the Chinese-speaking saints in the area to come together every Wednesday morning to have a corporate pursuit. This practice continued until today.  He was concerned that many churches and small groups are pursuing the ministry, but the standard needs to be uplifted.  He was burdened that all the churches would be speaking the same thing.  

Sometime in 1994, brother Lee called me again concerning the matter of eldership which needed to be put in order.  Because of his age, he could not personally come to Vancouver to establish the elders.  Instead, he would send brother Liu Suey along with other blending co-workers to come on his behalf.  Brother Lee had the most respect for Brother Liu.

Brother Liu had the foresight that the churches in Canada will be brought under the one ministry of the age.  For over 25 years, the churches in Eastern and Western Canada did not have much fellowship.  Praise the Lord, by His mercy, the churches in Canada are now in oneness. The turmoil in Toronto ended in 2006 and in Montreal, 2008.  There is much “traffic” between the churches.  The blessing of the Lord has been rich.  

On most of his visits to Vancouver, Brother Liu stayed at my home.  He encouraged me to consider before the Lord the matter of going full-time to serve the Lord.  He knew that I had the burden but was hesitating.  When I dropped him off at the airport, just before he entered the security area, he suddenly turned around to suggest that I go home and read a booklet entitled “Called by God.” (CWWL, 1952, vol. 1, “The Ministry of the Word, Miscellaneous Messages, 1952,” ch. 2) That same evening, I read through the book at least two times.  All of my questions and conflicts were answered.  I have been serving full-time for over 25 years.  

“Let us rejoice and exult, and let us give glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready” (Revelation 19:7).  

On behalf of the churches in Canada, 

Robert Lim

Vancouver, B.C.


The Churches in Canada

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