In Memory of Brother Liu Suey – Like gaining a treasure

Recalling that one day at the end of 2009, I suddenly received a call from Bro. Liu from Taipei. He said, Bro. Hsu, can I move to Hualien? I said, that is great, but he said, will Hualien have too many talented persons? I said, no. Bro. Liu took action immediately after speaking, and the next day he and Sis. Liu came to Hualien to look for a house. The first time they came they were not satisfied and they went back to Taipei. They came back the second time and Sis. Liu chose the house they are currently living in and even bought two units, one for himself, and one for his eldest son Samuel and his sister. Soon his sons and daughters Lucy, Job, Rainbow, and others also came to Hualien to buy houses and properties, and they serve together here. Bro. Liu moved here, followed by a bunch of grapes. The church in Hualien was truly blessed. From 2009 to around 2023, he lived in Hualien for 14 years. During these years, he helped the church in Hualien a lot. Because he has been in the Lord for many years, been entrusted by Bro. Lee to serve in the literature since he was young, and has been perfected by Bro. Lee a lot, so he naturally has a certain amount of spiritual weight. During these years, he upgraded the churches in Huadong a lot in word and spirit. He is gentle, always coordinates with others, and sets an example in everything. We were together with him day and night, and were greatly helped by him. He did not hesitate to fellowship with us on everything that is beneficial to all the saints. He had perfecting training every week, and these messages are also posted on the internet. Many overseas saints have been helped. He cared for the young working saints and full-time serving saints, and spends time with them in their Bible reading and pursuit. He also cared for the brothers and sisters’ families, and often asked about their situation. He followed this ministry until the end. We treasure his putting the last stage of his life in Hualien, we gained a treasure, we miss him. Brothers and sisters, let us follow this wonderful example, continue to go on, and may the Lord bless Brother Liu’s descendants and family members, Amen!

Brother Abraham Hsu

徐志東 Abraham Hsu

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