Brother Liu Suey came to serve in Manila in 1977, and over the next year he conducted a one-year full-time training, perfecting over twenty young people who became useful serving ones in the churches both in the Philippines and abroad.


After leaving in 1979, he occasionally visited to shepherd the churches here. He told us that as long as the Lord allowed him to be able to travel, he will continue to visit us. In 2006, he came to lead the churches in Metro Manila for our yearend conference. When he returned permanently to Taiwan from the United States, he visited every year, especially to lead the annual Metro Manila Yearend Conference until the pandemic intervened. He was truly burdened for the work of the Lord in the Philippines. In his last visit, he asked us to convene a meeting for the responsible brothers after the general conference, during which time he continued to shepherd and guide us for the work needed as a follow-through to the gains from the conference. 


Earlier on, Brother Witness Lee had charged him to shepherd the elders of the church in Manila.  Through the years, our brother labored patiently to perfect the elders in Manila privately and as a group. We witnessed how our brother was so Jesusly human, and are deeply indebted to our brother for his pattern, faithfulness, care and perfecting.

from Franklin Say


Franklin Say 弟兄

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