As one of the oldest grandchildren, I hold sweet memories of weekends spent at YehYeh’s house in San Francisco with my family. Those slippery circular couch pillows turned his steep stairs into a thrilling racecourse for my cousins and me. As we gathered around the table, hot pot became a cherished tradition. YehYeh would sit back and watched his grandchildren play all over the house. The only time he would “raise his voice” was when he spoke in the church meetings with a released spirit.

When my grandparents moved to Fremont, I admired YehYeh’s backyard adorned with beautiful flowers and plants. As he tended to his garden, he shared his passion for horticulture, and I marveled at how he spent his spare time.

In every house, YehYeh had an office that resembled a library with towering bookshelves. YehYeh’s hunger for truth knew no bounds, and his faith in Jesus was unwavering. He treasured the “diamond” in the box, always seeking to deepen his understanding of the Bible. His example left a lasting impression on me, inspiring a love for reading the Bible and reminding me to never graduate from eating Jesus.

His presence at my graduations and wedding filled my heart with joy. His support and love meant the so much to me during those milestone moments. I am grateful and thankful to the Lord for YehYeh blessing us with an eternal and spiritual heritage.

– Priscilla (Liu) Kung

Many of my childhood memories consisted of going to Yeye’s house in San Francisco for family gatherings. This time was dedicated to meeting with aunts, uncles, cousins, and of course my grandparents. Yeye was always so happy to see all his grandchildren in one place. As everyone got older, it became more difficult to gather everyone together, but during my school years, I had the opportunity to live under the same roof as him and this is when my eyes really opened up about who he was as a husband to his wife, a father to his kids, and a grandfather to his grandchildren.

I only knew dedication, love, and the Church through my grandfather. I’m sad that he is no longer with us, but happy to know that he lived a fulfilled life and that he was such an inspiration to many.

– Jason Liu

劉天啓 弟兄

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